Far Enuff for R&R Edisto Beach SC

Edisto Beaches

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As you travel the beachfront, from north to south , you can experience the many different the faces of Edisto’s beaches.  Starting at the State Park beach along the Atlantic Ocean, the furthest north, you can experience bigger waves, on most days.  Traveling south to the Town of Edisto Beach, the waves will calm down and some days at low tide, you can be looking at a a beautiful, gigantic swimming pool because of the lack of waves.  Trek further south to the St. Helena’s Sound and you basically have a swimming pool everyday.   Then there are the days where no matter where you park your umbrella and chairs, you are happily watching a dolphin show as they chase after their dinner and throw in a few tricks for their audience to enjoy!

eagull on rocks 8 x 350
beach front from the rocks 8 x 350