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Botany Bay

The Plantation Tour

A visit to Botany Bay is a walk back thru time.  Come search for the past of the plantation originally known as  Bleak Hall, inherited  by  John Townsend after his father, Daniel, died in 1842.  He then purchased the adjoining Plantation known as Sea Cloud. from the Seabrook family, and started to produce more sea island cotton than any other plantation on the island. Mr. Townsend’s sea island cotton was prized for it’s unusually long and silky fibers. 

While the plantations are no longer standing because of fire or being demolished, Bleak House Plantation still has some out buildings standing, the Gothic Revival Icehouse, the tabby shed that was used by the plantation’s Japanese  gardener and what seems to have been a cubicle tabby smokehouse.

The Ice house appears to look like a small church with mock tracery windows, door and a high gabled roof with triangular dormer. To find out more about these 2 former plantations, you will need to take the The Botany Bay Plantation Driving Tour.  After you finish that part of the tour, you will definitely want to visit the other part of the tour that takes you to Boneyard Beach, which to me almost  looks almost “other worldly”.   Just be sure to visit it!

Boneyard Beach – Land of the stranded coastal trees.

Once you have park as close as you can get to Boneyard Beach, you now have to walk almost half mile to see it, over a dirt road so be prepared, but it’s so worth it.  On your walk you will begin to see some fallen trees but I am pretty sure they were blown there from the past 2 hurricanes (2016, 2017).  Once you get to the beach, you will see what I mean by “other worldly”…….. the trees, the wildlife, the shells, the beach! You begin to feel like you are no longer on earth or maybe like Charlton Heston as he escapes the Apes and rides along the beach front of the Apes’ world or so he thinks!!!!  You be the judge!  You can also spend the day on the beach here and take your time to really explore Boneyard Beach, enjoy the ocean and the views and just relax in another world!

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